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To use or run other multiple internet applications as a non root or less privileged user, following can be done :

Create another user name "InternetApps", instead of "ff", in the way mentioned in the main article.

In this article (author 'Calum') & in user comment 3, replace the all word "ff" with "InternetApps".

List your other internet applications like this:

yourusername yourhostname=(InternetApps) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/firefox, /usr/bin/xchat, /usr/bin/thunderbird

In my case i used 'root' as 'yourusername', and i used 'localhost' in place of 'yourhostname".

To run Firefox in centos, i used:

sudo -u InternetApps -H firefox &

To run thunderbird:

sudo -u InternetApps -H thunderbird &

... Now, enjoy safer websurfing & safer internet accessing.

This comment shared with you & submitted by Bry8Star.

when we open a web site in mozilla firefox, it shows "peer's certificate has invalid signature" how it can be solved