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Added: 2008-05-22 11:03


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I have written a little Java app for mobile phones with GPS that will calculate the Maidenhead Locator Grid that you are in.
This system of identifying location is used in Amateur Radio, as it cuts down on the number of characters used to encode the information, something very useful when using Morse Code.

It's very simple, and lightweight. I have only tested it on a Nokia N97 and a Nokia N95, and it works fine. Please let me know what other phones it works on.
Phones that I have been told it works on: N97 Mini, Blackberry 8110, Nokia 5230, E66
Phones that I have been told it doesn't work on: Blackberry Pearl.
I haven't heard anything, positive or negative from any iPhone users - if you have an iPhone, could you give it a go, and let me know?
Please note: Your phone needs to support JSR179 (the Java GPS interface), and if it doesn't have a built-in GPS receiver, you'll need a Bluetooth GPS device too.

Note: This won't work from a PC - only phones that run Java (J2ME).

To install it, browse to this page on your phone, and click this link:
Alternatively, you can download the jar yourself, and install it however you like:

Any feedback, use the "Contact me" link.


73s, QTH IO81ql

PS. The following URLs were useful in testing the code (as they support >6 chars):


Comment 1

Works on Nokia E52! Vy 73 de Adam SQ3ET

Comment 2

It works on C6-01

Comment 3

Works on Nokia E71


Comment 4

works with N8, too. Thanks

Comment 5

Works on a Nokia 5230 navi, great, thanks

73 de ON7ARQ - JO10VX - Patrick

very usefull when working /M & /P on vhf & uhf - bands
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