Bristol graffiti

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Added: 2011-08-21T21:05:26

Bristol graffiti

In what must have been an organised event, a street in Bristol (that was previously very dull, exhaust-darkened concrete) has had a colourful lick of graffiti added to it.

There was a BBC article on it (pics), but I went down there, and took a lot of pics with my new Android phone (mentioned below - and yes, still damn the lack of zoom on the camera).

I've stuck them all in a 90MB zip file.

There are some pics of the "gorillas", and also of Damien Hurst's "Charity Girl" first, before we got to Nelson Street, which is where the street art is.
We then walked up through Stokes Croft, which also has some good art.

Get down to Nelson Street, and see it, before some idiot defaces it.

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