Is common sense deserting us?

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Added: 2006-04-22T13:37

Is common sense deserting us?

So the National Lottery has given the 2nd richest football club in the world money to keep its staff fit, (ignoring the many trainers, exercisers, physios that they must employ as fitness is part of their core business) while at the same time refusing to give any money to the Samaritans, a charity who help the suicidal, because "they don't help enough ethnic minorities"?
What is this country coming to? As far as I know, everyone in the country is entitled and able to ring the Samaritans. If they don't, perhaps they're luckier in that they don't need to, or have better family structures to help in times of need.

If the Samaritans refused to help any ethnic minorities then things would be completely different of course.
I also heard that asylum seekers are being given mobile phones and driving lessons to help them "fit in". Perhaps we should ensure that the NHS and education systems are functioning well first?
Reverse racism, positive discrimination, political correctness. Stupid ideas. Hire the best person from the applicants, judged purely on ability. If all the best people are 70 year old African grandmothers, hire them. If they're all 20 year old white males, hire them. Not who they know. Not what school they went to. Not to fill quotas. Just the best man or woman for the job.

(I'd like to point out that I'm completely against any form of discrimination at all, not just the reverse, "positive" forms.)

And they wonder why more people are turning to far right politics?

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