...among them women and children...

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...among them women and children...

Why is it, when a disaster occurs, that the media often say 30 deaths, among them women and children?

Take this, for example:

"at least 30 people were burned to death in a church...
Women and children were among the dead."

Well, of course they were. That's what "people" implies. If only men had died, it would probably say "at least 30 men were burned to death".

Another phrase is "including women and children". As in: At least 172 people, including women and children, were killed today

I'm neither a woman or a child, but I still don't want to die.
Is it something to do with the fact that women and children are likely to be more innocent, and thus their deaths are worse? What if I'm an innocent chap too?
Can't be to do with being able to defend themselves, as being a man doesn't somehow make you able to survive fire, and earthquake, bombs, etc.

Seems like some sort of misandry to me.

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