Death wishes?

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Added: 2006-04-23T18:30

Death wishes?

Crazy French man travels a long way through Paris at speeds of up to 140mph in a Ferrari in under 9 minutes. Oh, he filmed it too, and it was totally illegal.

Even I can't believe some of the stuff he does. Straight through lots of red lights at high speed etc.
Also, check out "Le Prince Noir" - another crazy Frenchman who rides a motorbike round the Peripherique at up to 250km/h, weaving in and out of the cars.

And if that wasn't fast enough, people take an already fast bike, and bolt a turbocharger on it for 500bhp madness. Hayabusa Turbo - insane amounts of power on a motorbike. Wheelies up to 140mph. Where will this craziness end?

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