English weather

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English weather

Why is it people denigrate the English weather?

I like it. I don't mind the rain. It's only water, after all. If it wasn't for the rain, we'd have brown grass.

And what's the appeal of living in a country where it's 35 degrees all summer?
I find it strange that most people living in these countries will call the UK too cold, but will spend most of the summer trying to keep out of the heat, moving from shade to shade, air-con in their cars, and houses.

We have mildish winters, hot spells (yes, up to 38 degrees) in the summers sometime - and the rest of the time we have a nice blanket of cloud keeping the temperature at a decent 10-20.

But our trains still have to stop in the summer because the tracks are too hot, and are buckling, and they have to stop in the winter because the tracks are too cold.
That's fine though - it's nice to pay over £100 pounds to stand up for the 1 and-a-half hours between Bristol and London.

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I would like I don't mind the English weather after spending one year in Plymouth and Bristol, but I definitively prefer COLDER!!! ahahahah, I know, I'm weird. So yes, I love Finland and its -30°C winters for example!


We are fortunate to live in a part of God's Earth where we have the privilege of 4 seasons. Enjoy them and stay close to nature. Make the world a wee bit greener by shunning air-conditioning and keep heating to a minimum - eat and dress appropriately instead. FatRadioMan - Trying daily to make the world a better place
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