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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
After almost every F1 race I watch, I think how dull it is, and how I'm not going to watch any more races.

Then the next one comes along, and I think I'll watch it, because *this* one might be a good one. Especially if there's a prediction of rain during the race.

But they really are just yawnfests these days. They do their best to jazz it up, hype it up, and glamorize it, but you can only polish a turd so much.

Overtaking in the pits?
Tyre management?

No-one is watching for that. Some people claim to be interested in the tyre wear, or track temperatures, but surely the idea of motor-racing is - well - racing motors? For me, a race's excitement comes from every overtake. The more, the better.

One of the things that can make an F1 race interesting is rain. Not because there's a greater chance of accidents, but because it evens out the cars' performance differences.

Am I just bitter because Vettel is winning everything at the moment? A bit - anyone one winning over and over and over is dull, but it's not just that. I want loads of overtaking (like you get in motorbike races), wheel-to-wheel racing (like you get in motorbike races), minimal team interaction (like you get in motorbike races), and ideally really close finishes.

I'd rather watch cricket than F1, so could the BBC swap F1 with Sky for cricket back?

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