First thoughts about Android

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First thoughts about Android

Android phones are all the rage. If you're not an Apple-devotee, which I'm not, then an Android phone seems like the alternative.

I'd previously been a Nokia user, and I've liked all their phones. N80, N95, N97, N900.
People kept mocking me for using Nokias, and it's true, there aren't a lot of apps for them.

So I bought a Nexus S.

It's very "blingy". And it's nice and new, and lovely, but has a few glaring omissions in comparison to the N97 and/or N900. I'll list them here.

  • The SatNav. It's not as good as the free NavTeq that came with Nokia's high-end phones. It doesn't have speed - sorry - safety cameras on there, it doesn't warn you when you're going over the speed limit, etc. Also, it doesn't have "proper" voices - just some synthesised voice.
  • It doesn't have a file manager built in
  • It doesn't have a zoom on the camera (photo or video). Also, the back button is annoying close to the "take picture" button on the screen
  • The SMS notifications are rubbish
  • I can't send files to it from my PC via Bluetooth

These are what I've found in a week or so of using it. I am most disappointed by the SatNav out of that list.

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i believe android is the future not iphone too commercial..
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