How to update your Nokia N80 to the N80 Internet Edition firmware

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How to update your Nokia N80 to the N80 Internet Edition firmware

Well, I bought an N80 because it said it supported SIP.

And indeed it did support it - technically. It had a SIP stack that allowed me to register with SIP servers, but it lacked a client to allow me to make SIP calls. That's the equivalent of something saying that it's "Internet ready" coming with an IP address, but no web browser. Technically true.

I heard that the N80 Internet Edition was going to be a version of the N80 that had a SIP client on it, and I also found out that the N80 Internet Edition is actually the same hardware.

The updated software is actually available on the Nokia Software Updater (the usual thing that you use to update your firmware), but it won't show it to you, as it sees your phone isn't the right product. If we can trick Nokia into thinking that your phone is an N80i, then they will let you flash your phone with the right firmware.

So, to update your phone, do the following.

If you do this, and it stuffs your phone, it's not my fault.

* Back up your phone to the memory card.
* Power off your phone, and remove the memory card.
* Download and install the Nokia Software Updater (and the USB drivers) from Nokia.
* Try a normal update. If it works, great. If not, read on.

* Download and install this. Yes, I didn't like it either. But needs must.
* Run it, and update your Product code to 0544109
* Now update with the Nokia NSU.


If it worked, put your memory card back in, and restore your settings. You'll lose the "Internet" folder, but the SIP client will stay.

The place I found these instructions was over at

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