Inefficient parking

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Inefficient parking

As England wasn't designed for cars, parking is an afterthought. Our houses were built close together, and now often are split into multiple flats.
This means there often isn't enough parking for all the cars of a house, so a lot of people park on the road.
This means that on-road parking is scarce, and so we all try and use it efficiently.

Our house has a parking space outside easily large enough for three cars:

It's infuriating when, if there aren't any cars parked there, for the next car to park like this:
This means that 3 possible spaces has been reduced to 2, a 30% reduction in capacity.

Whenever I get the chance, I park my car in the middle space, thus ensuring maximal use.
If I come up to a larger empty row, I'll always park tight up against one of the ends, maximising as much as I can.

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