iRiver IFP 899 and Linux

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Added: 2005-08-03T11:56

iRiver IFP 899 and Linux

I bought an MP3 player last weekend. I wanted 2 things from it : OGG support, and Linux support. There were a few that supported both, but, heeding "The Paradox of Choice", I chose the first one that fulfilled all my requirements, and got the iRiver IFP 899.

It was £119, and it has a GB of space - well, actually, 1000MB, which I feel is cheating, but we won't start the whole Gibi- or Gigabyte issue again.

It came in the box for the 799 which confused me, and the little wallet that comes with it is also the one for the 799, which means it doesn't fit.

I had to install the ifp command line utils, and flash the firmware with the UMS (USB Mass Storage) supported image (which I have put here: MD5: d61fe9b038a3de26a6f5e9882ca6e4c2).

Once you have done this (by running ifp firmware /path/to/IFP-8XXT.HEX), and connected the USB to your PC, you can mount it as a normal USB device: mount /dev/scsi/host2/bus0/target0/lun0/disc /mnt/iriver, and copy your files on as normal.

It seems a nice little product, all in all.

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