Mass medication

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Added: 2006-04-05T09:22

Mass medication

Push to add folic acid to bread:

Medicating a nation to save 250-300 babies a year? It's like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. One has to wonder why they're not tackling things that kill tens or hundreds of thousands each year? Is it because babies are cute, but men with prostate cancer are usually old and wrinkly?

It's all about choice. I would like to be able to choose what goes in to my body - without a whole nation having some experiment conducted on them because a few pregnant women don't know how to eat properly? (Yes, I read that it says white flour, and that it wouldn't be added to wholemeal or speciality (Waitrose Rossisky!)bread.)

It's like salt. I don't add any to food I eat, and when I'm eating food that someone else has cooked, I prefer it if they don't add any when cooking the food. They can add it afterwards if they want it - it is after all easier to add in afterwards than take it out.

How long before anti-depressants are added to the water supply "just in case"? Perhaps something to lower mens testosterone levels? Some anti-psychosis drugs to control undiagnosed schizophrenics? It'll be just like the film Equilibrium. Anyway, it's time for my morning interval, comrade.

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