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Added: 2010-06-17T18:59:53

New site

What's with this horrible looking new site, I hear you ask?
And why doesn't half the stuff work?

Well, I've decided to move from Drupal to a home-made Java based site.
I've been teaching myself Java for years now, and I've just got bored with the speed of PHP updates coming out. So I figured, that if I wrote a site in Java, I'd have to update it less often.

Why Java?
Buffer overflows are bad. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a programming language that didn't have them?
Well. Java runs in a virtual machine, which checks that you're not trying to do something that might cause a problem, and doesn't do it. Problem solved!
Also, I'm using prepared SQL statements, which get rid of the issue of SQL injection.

So, the old site was PHP, the ever excellent Postgres, Drupal, running on Gentoo.

The new site is Java, running in Tomcat in a Debian vm.
I'm using Spring for most of the dull stuff, Log4J for the logging, Smack for the Jabber client stuff, and Postgres for the database (I love you, Postgres).
Once the site looks good, I might sprinkle in some IceFaces, or Direct Web Remoting to AJAXify it.
From then, it's to infinity and beyond. I'll stick some message queues in for the hell of it, and some remoting stuff in there too.

I'm planning to get all the functionality working in it that the old one had first, and then maybe "pimp it". But if you know me, and the sort of websites I write, you maybe well be right in guessing that it won't get much better looking than this ever.
If you're good with CSS, I'd love to hear from you (Mathieu, you still read this? :))

My intentions are good though.

So, it'll definitely get better.
How fast? No idea. Probably slowly.

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Yes I still read this, and I think we're getting somewhere! However, I see there are quite a few browser issues with the new layout / css that will need sorting. Hopefully soon enough! Matt
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