Plunkett and Macleane

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Added: 2013-07-26T23:06:46

Plunkett and Macleane

Just been reminded what a good film Plunkett and Macleane is.
It's a gritty, quirky British film about some highwaymen from 1740-something.

It's got it all.
Loads of great lines - ("You fool! I could have been killed!" "You were." BANG), quite a list of stars (Robert Carlyle, Johnny Lee-Miller, Liv Tyler, Ken Stott, Armstrong and Miller, Matt Lucas, David Walliams), Liv Tyler in a corset playing a bad girl, a great soundtrack by Craig Armstrong (Top Gear use his stuff quite a lot now, so some of it might sound a bit familiar) and Ken Stott playing one of the nastiest villains.

It's got some weird sped-up bits, and anachronistic music, so it's not your typical sort of film, and the first 10 minutes might make you wonder, as it's a little gritty, but open your mind, and enjoy it - it's good.
Ignore the people who say it isn't, and go and buy a copy.

I mean, who could disagree with random Twitter user HouseMog, right?

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"Murder me but not my language!" :-) I remember when you showed that to me. Funny film.
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