Recommended hardware

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Recommended hardware

Recently, I've had some extra spare time at weekends, and I've been playing around with various bits of software.

A couple of them, OpenWRT and LineageOS are alternative OSes for hardware (wifi routers and phones).
I was quite happy to pay a good amount for the "best" new hardware that was guaranteed to work with these packages.

Unfortunately though, it's hard to find an official "this is the best, most compatible money-no-object* hardware you can get" recommendations.

So I've listed what my research found here, to hopefully help others making the same decisions.
I may update the recommendations in the future.


2020: It seemed to me that the Linksys WRT3200ACM was high spec (good for performance and future proofing), had an easy installation path and should provide a decent bit of future-proofing, so that's what I went for.
It even says on the Linksys website "Open source ready with OpenWrt", so that's a big plus. OpenWRT WRT3200ACM page


2020: Qubes does have a certified hardware page, as well as a hardware compatibility list which helped.

I had various requirements for my laptop and ended up going for an HP ZBook Studio G5. It runs Qubes very well, apart from needing to modify Grub to get the proper 1920x1080 resolution (I went for FHD one, rather than the 4K option)


This is a little harder and I haven't yet worked out what's best. I ideally want a high-end phone (with a headphone socket!) that is easily unlocked that is fully supported by LineageOS.
I would appreciate any recommendations.

If you disagree, or have any input, please comment below.

* None of us have infinite money, so it's not totally no object, but you get the idea.

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