Running out of IPv4 address space?

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Added: 2005-09-30T20:53

Running out of IPv4 address space?

I would like to put a misconception to rest. We're commonly
told that we should all move to IPv6 because we're short of IPv4
addresses, and we'll run out soon.

If you have a *nix machine, run the following command:

lynx -dump | grep "IANA - Reserved"

If you don't have a *nix machine handy, you can be lame, and click here.

Each one of those 81 "Reserved" ranges is a Class A (16 million
addresses) range. (Minus a few for 127.x, 224.x upwards, etc). You can see some stats on how much that is assigned is being used.

jd from Slashdot wrote: We need IPv6 and IPSec to be mandatory. By yesterday, preferably. (IPv6 isn't just about namespace - it provides mobility, smart MTUs, automatic configuration, mandatory security, superior routing and reduced latency.) DNS is so political, everyone registers the same name on every TLD, making the entire concept of TLDs utterly futile. DNS servers need to be using DNSSEC. If people used routing protocols that supported multipath, you wouldn't get router loops. Multicast should be supplied to the home, not just the corporate giants. I concur with him.

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