Save Parliament

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Added: 2006-03-21T20:27

Save Parliament

I heard about this on Radio 4 this afternoon. The current government is trying to get rid of that pesky, interfering need to put laws to the Houses to approve. They want the ability to arbitrarily create, amend or abolish laws. Oh, of course they won't abuse it. History shows that people never abuse power. This really is an attempt to fundamentally remove the need for Parliament - which can be said to be the only thing that can prevent a leader from enacting all sorts of wild legislation. There is already the Parliament act that can be used to force laws through, which Tony used recently for the hunting bill. Surely, doesn't he realise, that annoying as it might be for him to be frustrated in his attempt to create new laws - that this system has been working very well for hundreds of years, and it certainly doesn't need changing now. Why does he think that he knows better than all the clever people that have gone before him? Yes, there were terrorists in the olden days. (Depending on opinion). And pirates too. :)

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