Security Threat Level

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Added: 2006-08-10T18:44

Security Threat Level

Why is it that we need to be told that the UK is on the highest level of alert today?

Will it do anything, apart from worry the general populous, and alert terrorists and ne'er-do-wells that they're about to be rumbled?

How about the media agree not to mention it, and if people REALLY want to know, they can visit the website that it is published on, and find out.

In fact, while we're at it, let's not broadcast any news about terrorist related incidents. Stop fanning the flames with publicity.
In a way, if a bomb goes off 5 miles from me, and I don't hear it/see it/know anyone in it, is there any point me knowing it happened?

The chance of dying due to terrorist related activities is miniscule - much less than driving, or many other "normal" activities.
I personally would rather live my life as normal until I'm blown up one day, without consistantly being told how close to immediate and violent death I might be all the time.
It's well known that a low level generalised, non-specific threat can have a subduing effect on a people.
Let the security services do their work, quietly, efficiently, and without fanfare.
Let the rest of us just get on with our lives, in the knowledge that they're doing their best.

I just hope that this doesn't turn into another reason to strip more rights away from us, and subject us to more monitoring.

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