Snooker commentators

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Snooker commentators

I really enjoy watching snooker on TV.

However, it really bugs me that the commentators have terrible grammar. I don't even think it can be totally put down to regional dialects, as we have commentators from all over the UK.
The worst culprit is John Virgo, but Dennis Taylor is pretty bad too.

A few examples as I watch the UK Championship:

Taylor: "If he had hit the red on the left, it would have opened perfect."
Hendry: "He deserves to be on a red to the centre - he hit that good."
Hendry: "You have to let them know that you're not going to give them easy."
Taylor: "He's give his head a good old bang on the table."
Taylor: "Initially, when he come around the table..."
Taylor: "After he seen where the white finished..."
Hendry: "If he does get beat tonight."
Virgo: "He's give himself a chance."

I've found other people who feel the same way.

I like to think that David Mitchell would agree too.

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