Spain 2010

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Spain 2010

So, I went to Spain recently. It was very nice, although it always looks quite brown and scorched compared to the UK.


I went to Gibraltar, went up the cable cars, saw the very impressive views, and got a monkey or two to hop on me. Which is pretty cool.

Sierra Nevadas

We drove 2,250 metres up into the Sierra Nevadas, and walked up to a monument, which was an extra bit higher.


We went to Granada, which is a very nice city - and for the 3rd time of going there, I failed to get to see the Alhambra. It was too busy, there weren't enough free tickets, and we hadn't booked ahead. <mode="sour grapes">I bet it's not that good anyway</mode>.


On the way back, we stopped in at the town of Niguelas, which a friend of mine used to live in. If ever you're nearby, head to a bar called "Rincon de Miguel" - you can't miss it, it's pretty much the first building you'll see as you drive towards the town. The guy (called Miguel unsurprisingly) does a very nice pork in peppercorn sauce. A plate large enough for 2 (which includes chips) is €10 - ask for the solomillo.


We were sunbathing one day, and a helicopter kept buzzing around overhead. Eventually, we stood up, and looking behind us was a pall of smoke. "That looks quite close to where we parked the car", I suggested. "In fact, it looks very close".
So I went to look, and found a bushfire burning a few acres, with the edge about 1 to 2 metres from where the car was parked. I decided to move it sharpish. I started to drive along the road that the fire was on either side, like they do in the films, but after a bit, I thought nah - it's only a hire car.
We spent the next half an hour or so watching the helicopters and planes dropping water all over the fire.

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