Talk Like a Pirate! Arrr!

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Added: 2005-09-02T15:57

Talk Like a Pirate! Arrr!

Avast! Belay there amidships! Get up the mizzen-mast afore I keelhaul ye, ye scurvy sea-dog! Shiver my timbers! This be a fantastic idea! The International Talk like a Pirate Day (UK) be almost upon us! Make sure ye follow this excellent tradit'n, Cap'n. Favourite quote: If ye not be addin' "yarr" to most o'yer sentences, then ye be no more pirate than a scurvy KaZaA landlubber usin' dialup.

I will celebrate it by watching Pirates of the Caribbean wearing an eye patch, drinking rum, and singing sea-shanties until I find a parrot on a dead mans chest.

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