TV series to watch

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TV series to watch

Because the world is staying at home, and doesn't have as much to do, I thought I'd share some series I've enjoyed watching.
I've watched them all at least once, and some of them two or three times.
But they're so good, I'd happily watch any of them again.

The Americans

(IMDB) 75 episodes. A Cold War spy series, set in the 80s. A Russian pair of spies lives in the US in deep cover as a normal family.


(IMDB) 96 episodes. A series about a bi-polar CIA operative. Has a couple of dodgy seasons, but overall is good.

Le Bureau des L├ęgendes

(IMDB) 50 episodes (ongoing?). A French series about the DGSE


(IMDB) 61 episodes (ongoing). A grumpy LA detective


(IMDB) 5 episodes. Short but sweet. Really gripping look at how the disaster occurred, and how it was handled.

The Crown

(IMDB) 41 episodes (ongoing). I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. I'm not a royalist at all, but it is really good. There's quite a lot of history in there, and you realise that even though they're royal, they still have the same issues as the rest of us.


(IMDB) 79 episodes. About the Vikings.


(IMDB) 88 episodes. French cop drama. Putain, c'est les fliques!

The Wire

(IMDB) 60 episodes. Slow burning series set in Baltimore about the various problems related to drugs. Give it time though - it's a slow starter. Really strong accents/slang sometimes. Watch out for the hoppers in the low rises, yo.

Peep Show

(IMDB) 54 episodes. If you like "cringe comedy", you'll love this. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever seen.

Breaking Bad

(IMDB) 62 episodes. Watch the first episode, and if that doesn't hook you, then I don't know.

Jack Ryan

(IMDB) 18 episodes (ongoing). Standard CIA drama, but better than I expected.

The Bridge

(IMDB) 38 episodes. Scandinavian police drama


(IMDB) 30 episodes. Series about catching Pablo Escobar

The Sopranos

(IMDB) 86 episodes

Game of Thrones

(IMDB) 73 episodes. Generally good, but with a rushed final couple of seasons. Lots of blood, violence, sex and betrayal.


(IMDB) 19 episodes. About the evolution of the Behavioural Science Unit of the FBI

True Detective

(IMDB) 24 episodes. Season 1 was very good.


(IMDB) 124 episodes

So, there should be enough there to keep you going for a few weeks at least.

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