Wifi doesn't mean Internet

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Wifi doesn't mean Internet

In a case of what might be "old man yells at clouds", I feel I need to mention this.

Wifi doesn't mean Internet.

tl;dr: Wifi just replaces a short piece of wire (up to 20 metres long). Nothing else.

In the olden days (like 20 years ago), computers were connected together by cables. Your computer would have been connected to your ISP router by a cable.

computer ----> modem/router ----> isp ----> internet ----> site-you-want-to-see

Wifi just replaces that first cable.

My Wifi's down

If your Wifi isn't working, it doesn't mean that your Internet connection is down. If your Internet connection is down, your Wifi can still be working. They're not related.
If you can't hit a certain website, your Wifi and your Internet connection might both be working (but the remote site is down).
You might say that the Wifi isn't working when your Internet connection goes down, but that's not actually true.

Wifi doesn't give you Internet. It just connects you without a wire to something in your house (which usually is connected to the Internet).

Mobile data on your phone is something else. That connects you to the nearest mobile phone tower. Because the distance is further, the bandwidth (speed) of the connection is less than Wifi.

Next on my list: the correct meaning of "literal".

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