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To use or run other multiple internet applications as a non root or less privileged user, following can be done : Create another user name "InternetApps", instead of "ff", in the way mentioned in the main article. In this article (author 'Calum') & in user comment 3, replace the all word "ff" with "InternetApps". List your other internet applications like this: yourusername yourhostname=(InternetApps) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/firefox, /usr/bin/xchat, /usr/bin/thunderbird In my case i used 'root' as 'yourusername', and i used 'localhost' in place of 'yourhostname". To run Firefox in centos, i used: sudo -u InternetApps -H firefox & To run thunderbird: sudo -u InternetApps -H thunderbird & ... Now, enjoy safer websurfing & safer internet accessing. This comment shared with you & submitted by Bry8Star.
If you can send a SMS, you can share a secret key. Internet files are not trully random, so it is not OTP.
in centos, worked. Thanks. from root user's gnome-desktop's terminal window, i had to do this: sudo -u ff -H xhost sudo -u ff -H firefox how can i run firefox, xchat, etc multiple internet applications by using a same non root username (for example, username: 'InternetApps') ?