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in centos, worked. Thanks.

from root user's gnome-desktop's terminal window, i had to do this:

sudo -u ff -H xhost

sudo -u ff -H firefox

how can i run firefox, xchat, etc multiple internet applications by using a same non root username (for example, username: 'InternetApps') ?

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Nice. Not as safe as "chrooting" firefox but should work.
"xhost" or "xhost localhost" didn't work for me on Debian stable (lenny). "xhost local:" did.
I copied the "/usr/bin/firefox" script, then renamed that(copy) to "/usr/bin/firefox-InternetApps".

Using the visudo, add this '/usr/bin/firefox-InternetApps' into the NOPASSWD line.

If someone wants to further modify the 'firefox-InternetApps' script, then they can do so.

Now create a Firefox Profile inside firefox for 'InternetApps' user :

sudo -u InternetApps -H firefox-InternetApps -profilemanager -no-remote &

A window will appear, to allow you to add new Profile(s), create 'InternetApps'.

Start firefox & then exit from it.

Now following command will start firefox & take us inside the 'InternetApps' profile :

sudo -u InternetApps -H firefox-InternetApps -p InternetApps -no-remote &

I copied the "/usr/bin/firefox" script (not a link) file, then renamed that (copied) file to "firefox-ia", open "firefox-ia" with a text editor, keep only the top two lines, delete all other lines, then add our commandline, it should look like this:



sudo -u InternetApps -H firefox-InternetApps -p InternetApps -no-remote &

# end of file

Then simply type : "firefox-ia" , (without the quote symbols,) to run firefox (under a non root user and with a different firefox profile).

... This process worked on centos 5.6 firefox 3.6.17. ~ Bry8Star.

try using kdesu instead of su, it'll work without any of the other hacks, plus allowing anyone on 127.1 to connect to X isnt secure
wow...the second works fine!!!

How do i call the method, say i already have "double Weight" computed and need to be aproximated to two decimal places and it appears in different functions...

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You don't need sudo rights and you don't have to edit sudoers file to archieve this now.

(Maybe this is easier in 2020. I tried in ~2012 to make this work, but without succes)

Now you need to add this line to "ff":s .bashrc

export DISPLAY=:0.0

and run as your normal user this:

xhost +local:

then just write: su ff

and then when you have a terminal as ff, you can start firefox or any other program, by: